Warren Kewanwytewa
Old Time Hopi Kachina Carver

While it has become fashionable for young carvers
 to carve in the "old style",
Warren Kewanwytewa
 carved that way when it was the only style.

For many years, Warren organized the Kachina
 dances for the Pueblo of Lower Moencopi
and inducted young men into
 sacred Kachina societies.

Warren and his family live in Lower Moencopi,
 which is just outside the south rim of the Grand Canyon.
They live, work and farm much as their ancestors did.
There is no running water, plumbing or electricity.

These are authentic Hopi Kachinas
adorned with feathers, leather, wool,
and other natural materials.

Warren Kewanwytewa, is the son of famed Hopi carver
 Jimmy Kewanwytewa who is seen below in a 1950 photo
 with Frances and Janice Quotskuyva.

Jimmy spent much time at the Museum of Northern Arizona
where he helped Prof. Harold S. Colton (Professor Emeritus at
 the Univ. of Pennsylvania and Director Emeritus of the Museum
 of Northern Arizona) document Hopi Kachinas.

In Prof. Colton's 1949 book,  Jimmy is seen demonstrating
 how kachinas are carved.

Early Hopi Farmer by Warren Kewanwytewa



Modern Hopi Farmer by Warren Kewanwytewa

8 1/2" tall - sold


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